Adam Clark, 22, of Wantagh, who will run cross-country from...

Adam Clark, 22, of Wantagh, who will run cross-country from New York to California with two fellow Adelphi University grads to raise money for charity. The trio will run upwards of 50 miles per day, seven days a week, for a total of 3,203 miles, while raising $25,000 along the way. Credit: Photo by

Adam Clark


Recent physiology graduate of Adelphi University



What he's up to

On Aug. 20, Clark, 20, will start running from Jones Beach to Huntington Beach, Calif. with recent Adelphi graduate Jeffrey Perez, 23.


To raise $25,000 for nonprofit organizations, including cancer research through Shannon's Fight.


Why did you decide to run across country?

I've been a runner since high school. I want to use my talent and passion for running to help those in need.

How will you do it?

There are two friends in a support vehicle who will have all the supplies we need, including food and drinks. The car will be stopping every 10 miles or so. We're trying to run 30 to 40 miles a day. Mostly, we'll camp out.

When do you plan to reach California?

Jeff and I will reach California in three months.

Where will the money raised go?

We'll split the funds and give it to two charities: Shannon's Fight, which I represent, and Global Kids, which Jeff represents.

Why cancer research?

My sister is a survivor of cancer. Recently, my 15-year-old cousin was diagnosed with cancer. It makes the trip meaningful now to be able to fight this disease.

What is your biggest worry about the run?

I'm nervous about maybe not having a place to say. Or be attacked by animals. Keeping the people I'm doing this for in mind will give me the courage to overcome these fears.

What else do you hope the run accomplishes?

We also want to inspire people to do things that may seem impossible. And give hope to people in situations that seem overwhelming.

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