A West Islip firefighter surveys a home on Malts Avenue....

A West Islip firefighter surveys a home on Malts Avenue. (March 17, 2013) Credit: James Carbone

An elderly woman who had just picked up her neighbor for a ride to church backed her sport-utility vehicle into a neighbor's West Islip house on Sunday, Suffolk County police said.

The 82-year-old driver, her 74-year-old neighbor, and her neighbor's 31-year-old aide were in the vehicle when police said the driver's foot slipped off the brake, allowing her car to reverse into the house at 116 Malts Ave.

None of the women were hurt, but the vehicle left a hole in the side of the house. One person who was inside the home at the time was not injured, police said. None of their identities were released.

Police said there were some concerns that the vehicle hit a gas line or meter, and gas and electric service were turned off to the house.

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