Before and after the demolition of the Lutz family house...

Before and after the demolition of the Lutz family house in East Setauket as part of the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" show. (June 22, 2010) Credit: Patrick Whittle

Moments after the front wall of the Lutz family home came crashing down, a troupe of dancers erupted into a choreographed routine on Ringneck Lane in East Setauket.

Not a bad send-off for a one-story ranch that had "seen better days" and was "just too small" for the family of eight who called it home, said designer Tracy Hutson of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."

The television series oversaw Tuesday's demolition of the 50-year-old house, where Kathleen Lutz lived with seven of her brothers and sisters, six of whom have Down syndrome. The Lutzes are expected to move into a new, larger, modern home on Sunday.

"It was an older house. There was lots of love in this house," Hutson said. "We have a great house planned and we've got to get building."

The Lutzes' quiet neighborhood was filled Tuesday with construction workers, television crews and speakers occasionally blaring the ABC series' theme music. Dancers filmed routines outside the house, while host Ty Pennington milled around the site.

Construction is expected to go on around the clock until midday Saturday, said Seth Selesnow, a spokesman for Plainview-based construction manager Alure.

That revelation - and the news that the event could attract thousands of gawkers over the week - received mixed reviews from residents as it spread around the neighborhood.

Neighbor Mina Velji couldn't believe how loud the noise was. "Oh my God, they woke me up," she said.

The site opens to the public Wednesday at 8 a.m. via shuttles that will run from nearby 17 North Belle Mead Ave. The shuttles run until 8 p.m. daily.

Jenny Savage, a neighbor and friend of the Lutzes, said she is willing to suffer the inconvenience of a reality TV show coming to East Setauket for the family because "they are deserving."

Kathleen Lutz - one of 18 adopted children of Jack and Grace Lutz - moved into the home to care for her siblings after her parents died. "They have been taking care of each other for years," Savage said.

The Lutzes are on vacation in the Hamptons until construction is finished, sources with the show said.

Hutson said the Lutzes were chosen for the rebuild because of "the issues they deal with on a daily basis" and because "it's just fascinating to see how much love they have."

The show featuring the Lutzes and their new home will air during the 2010-2011 season, an ABC spokeswoman has said.

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