Gary Melius, owner of the Oheka Castle, is shown in...

Gary Melius, owner of the Oheka Castle, is shown in Huntington. Credit: Joe Rogate

"Being shot was a life changing experience, and certainly not something that I was prepared for. I had surgery on my skull, and my left eye was operated on to remove glass. I had to lay on my side for weeks. Most would think that this would be the worst thing that could have happened to me in the past 12 months, regretfully that is not the case. The worst thing to happen to me during that period started only a few days after the shooting, and continued up until the past few weeks. This is the malicious attack against me and my family by Newsday, where they sensationalize, distort the truth and at times report outright lies. It has caused emotional pain to my family and great financial hardship. Let me sum it up, some advice to others, don't get shot in the head, because if you survive what comes after is worse than the event."

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