R2-D2s from "Star Wars" roam the Long Island Geek Convention...

R2-D2s from "Star Wars" roam the Long Island Geek Convention at the Hyatt Regency Long Island in Hauppauge on Saturday. Credit: Barry Sloan

For anyone who wanted to dress as their favorite superheroes and sci-fi characters, collect memorabilia, or just enjoy a weekend with family or friends, the fourth annual Long Island Geek Convention in Hauppauge had something for everyone looking to bring their inner geek fantasies to life.

Sci-fi fans from all walks of life came together Saturday at the Hyatt Regency Long Island hotel to kick off the two-day sci-fi convention. Organizers said they expected to draw 500 to 600 visitors, some coming from out of state and even from out of the country.

Cat Cranston, 41, a fan of the "Doctor Who" TV series, flew in from Sydney, Australia, to meet "Doctor Who" actors Paul McGann, Wendy Padbury and Frazier Hines.

Cranston said she enjoyed being around others who shared her love of "Doctor Who" fandom.

"The more people you get to know, either in the show or fans, you just feel like they're your people," she said.

David Burns of Coventry, Rhode Island, left, dressed as a...

David Burns of Coventry, Rhode Island, left, dressed as a Tenth Planet Cyberman from "Dr. Who," enjoys the Long Island Geek Convention with Athena Bliss, also of Coventry, who is dressed as a Tardis. Credit: Barry Sloan

Fans at the convention, which ends on Sunday, had the opportunity to enjoy guest appearances by such sci-fi luminaries as actor Bruce Boxleitner from the movie "Tron" and the TV show "Babylon 5," voice actor Gregg Berger  and British actor Hattie Hayridge from the sitcom "Red Dwarf." Attendees could also take photos with the stars, hear discussion panels, and participate in cosplay and gaming.

Brenden Coleman, 31, of Rocky Point, and Channelle Winvush, 34, of Coram, dressed up in gender-swap costumes of the famous DC Comics characters the Joker and Harley Quinn. Coleman sported a custom-made red and black tuxedo with a heavy wooden mallet for his male version of Harley Quinn and Winvush wore her female Joker costume, a frilly purple dress with lime-green eye contacts and a toy gun. 

"I love the atmosphere and I love the people that run it," said Winvush, who has been coming to the convention for several years. 

Coleman said he loved being able to meet up with friends who shared his hobbies.

"It's a great little place to hang out with like-minded friends and see them put together costumes that are really fun and interesting," Coleman said. 

Eva Piteo, 25, of Shoreham, was dressed in a homemade "Xena: Warrior Princess" costume. Having just become a fan of the mid-1990s TV series, Piteo said she enjoyed the welcoming nature of the convention.

"We all love the fandoms, we all love these different TV shows and movies, and this is a time for us to share something that sets us apart from the normal world," Piteo said. 

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