The owner of a fishing boat that sank in Huntington Harbor on Thursday has been issued three summonses as he and Huntington Town negotiate over the vessel's removal, town officials said Monday.

Peter Gens' 56-foot Noli Eileen was moored in the harbor when it sank Thursday despite attempts by the town's bay constables to keep it afloat, town officials said.

"They couldn't save it; it was taking on too much water," said town spokesman A.J. Carter. "This was the first indication we had that the boat was not seaworthy."

The cause of the sinking is being investigated.

The constables placed an absorbent boom around the vessel to contain the 15 gallons or so of hydraulic oil and fuel that Gens said it carried when it sank, town officials said. They have been monitoring the situation several times a day, Carter said.

Gens, a Kings Park resident, was issued three summonses: pollution of waterways, a misdemeanor; unseaworthy vessel, a violation; and an expired mooring permit, a town code. He was also given three days to correct the situation.

His attorney, Barry Casper of Hauppauge, and the town's senior harbormaster, Harry Acker, discussed removing the Noli Eileen from the harbor, Carter said. If the boat is not removed, the spokesman said, the town may raise and dispose of the boat and get Gens to pay the bill.

The vessel was popular as a charter boat for fishing trips and parties, but may not have taken on any passengers since 2008, Carter said.

Casper and Gens did not immediately return calls Monday afternoon.

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