Patchogue Village Hall

Patchogue Village Hall Credit: Carl Corry

The Patchogue Village Board of Trustees has proposed a $13.6 million budget that would increase property taxes by 4.6 percent.

Village officials cautioned that the 2018-19 spending proposal is still being hammered out and that details are vague despite a public hearing and likely vote on the spending plan scheduled for Monday at 5 p.m. at Village Hall.

“We’re not ready yet, we have a whole week to talk about it,” said village Treasurer Ron Krawczyk.

He said he wasn’t sure how much taxes would increase for the average homeowner if the budget was adopted. The only thing certain is that taxes will increase for what has been several consecutive years.

“The purpose of raising taxes is to make sure residents are protected in what we do,” Mayor Paul Pontieri said during the meeting.

For example, the mayor said, last year’s budget included $145,000 for snow removal, but the village overspent on that amount by roughly $20,000.

The balance will be paid out of the village’s $3.8 million surplus, officials said, some of which will also be used to help keep taxes from rising even further.

The board of trustees last month voted to pierce the state-mandated cap.

The mayor said a budget vote will likely happen after next week’s hearing.
“That’s what we’re moving toward,” Pontieri said.

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