The two candidates for Amityville Village mayor who were rivals a week ago are now vowing to work together for the betterment of the community.

Trustee Dennis Siry won his mayoral bid March 21, beating fellow trustee Nick LaLota by 228 votes in what residents called the village’s nastiest campaign, with both sides trading barbs on social media, in mailings and even during village board meetings.

Siry said he’s planning to work with LaLota, who has two years remaining in his trustee term.

“We’ve talked and we both have the same vision for the future,” Siry said. “I actually get along with Nick. I think he has good ideas.”

LaLota said he also wants to work together.

“Rather than dwell on the differences we’ve had in the past, I’m looking for opportunities of commonality in the future,” LaLota said.

Trustees Jessica Bernius and Kevin Smith won re-election and one trustee seat is now vacant, eliminating the previous 3-2 majority voting block of LaLota, Bernius and James Wandell.

Now Siry gets to appoint another trustee, potentially tipping the majority block to him and Smith. But Siry said he’s not looking for someone to rubber stamp his ideas.

“I’m hoping it will be someone with an individual mind who votes for what’s best for the village,” he said. “I don’t want a voting block. If it has to be a 3-2 vote, I hope it alternates every once in a while, but I’d like to see 5-0 votes.”

At Monday’s board meeting, the rancor that plagued the campaign was nowhere to be found and the election only brought up during a resolution for the board to certify the election results.

“I searched far and wide and couldn’t find an extra 229 votes,” joked LaLota before the board voted to certify the results 5-0.

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