A U.S. Department of Agriculture worker on Aug. 6, 2021,...

A U.S. Department of Agriculture worker on Aug. 6, 2021, holds a red-tailed hawk that was captured in Northport Village. The bird was rehomed at least 50 miles away. Credit: Northport Police Department

A jogger and a woman gardening along Main Street in Northport Village were attacked by a hawk on Wednesday, the village police chief said.

The attacks renew concerns spurred in April by a spate of incidents involving an aggressive red-tailed hawk.

“There was a jogger on Main Street that it swooped down on and then there was a woman gardening in a church parking lot that got attacked,” Chief Chris Hughes said. "It had been relatively quiet."

He said neither were hospitalized nor sought medical attention. The hawk is nesting just east of Main and Church streets.

After a series of hawk attacks last year the U.S. Department of Agriculture in August trapped and relocated a juvenile hawk. Hughes said it is not known if that hawk is the bird involved in the recent attacks.

In April, Hughes said that since July of last year there had been 15 incidents, including 11 attacks, seven requiring medical attention, and other incidents where a red-tailed hawk swooped over people’s heads.

He said Thursday that since May there had only been four incidents including the two Wednesday.

Hughes said the Department of Agriculture has been working with the state Department of Environmental Conservation to try to come to a resolution for dealing with the bird.

Red-tailed hawks are a federally protected species.

Hughes said officials had planned to remove the nest in May. But a resident alerted officials the day before the nest was to be moved that there were two chicks in the nest.

“We did not want to disrupt the nest at that point,” he said. “We thought we were going to have to wait until August or September when the chicks had fledged the nest but it appears that has happened.”

The police chief said officials are now going to take this window to finally address the matter. He said hopefully the DEC will come in next week to assess the situation. 

“We’re now going to double down on our efforts to get that nest out of there,” Hughes said.

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