Lisa Tyson talks about a proposed Avalon Bay affordable housing...

Lisa Tyson talks about a proposed Avalon Bay affordable housing project at a Huntington town hall meeting. (Sept. 7, 2010) Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

The Huntington school board wants the town's government to say no to a proposal for denser development in Huntington Station.

The board - with six out of seven members present - unanimously voted on Monday night to oppose the creation of a "transit-oriented district" in Huntington Station.

The special district - which is tied to the creation of the 490-unit Avalon Bay project - would allow higher-density development on parcels of 10 acres or more within one-half mile of the Huntington train station. Huntington's town board is expected to vote on the proposal Tuesday.

The school board's action elicited cheers from about 100 residents in the audience.

William P. Dwyer, the school board president, said the board opposed the new district "in response not only to our community but also to concerns over what it may portend for impacts to the school district in the future."

Huntington Supervisor Frank Petrone declined to comment through a spokesman.

Town board member Mark Mayoka said he has not made a decision on the transit district. He added that "the school board believes their vote represents the sentiments of the residents" of the area, and the town board should consider that when it makes a decision.

In an interview Tuesday, Matthew Whalen, vice president of Avalon Bay, said the company might need "some other vehicle" to get its project approved.

Resident Ric Riccardo said the school board was right to oppose the transit district. "If you add anyone to the pie, where are they all going to go?" he said.

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