The "Proof is Possible" tour -- a nationwide journey by...

The "Proof is Possible" tour -- a nationwide journey by Grace and Corbett Lunsford in their 210-square-foot high-performance house on wheels dubbed the Tiny Lab -- will be part of East Hampton's first Energy Awareness Days on June 28 and 29, 2016. Credit: The Building Performance Workshop

There’ll be a new house in East Hampton Town on Tuesday that required no local building permits for construction, won’t be subject to property taxes and wasn’t the target of angry residents objecting to another East End “monstrosity” that’s too big for the neighborhood.

A 210-square-foot high-performance tiny house will roll into town as part of East Hampton’s first Energy Awareness Days. The two-day event on June 28 and 29 will highlight the town’s energy goals and provide tips on energy efficiency for homes and businesses.

Included on both days will be a stop by the “Proof is Possible” tour, a nationwide journey by Grace and Corbett Lunsford in their tiny house on wheels, dubbed the Tiny Lab. The couple, who are making their first trip to Long Island, left Florida in April and are crossing the country with their baby and cat until January 2017.

The Lunsfords’ mission is to teach homeowners about energy efficiency, tiny-house living and how to deal with contractors to cut energy costs.

Also featured will be the Green Jobs Training Center’s mobile lab funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. The lab is mechanically designed to operate like a traditional home, allowing educators to provide hands-on training and field testing related to energy cost savings. Dozens of real-life scenarios can be demonstrated.

The inaugural event was announced by Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell and David Daly, president and chief operating officer of PSEG Long Island, in a news release Tuesday. During the East Hampton Town Board’s work session Tuesday, Cantwell said the program will highlight how the town addresses critical energy issues on the South Fork.

Cantwell said the level of energy conservation in the South Fork community overall is “relatively poor.” He said the problem has gotten progressively worse over the years and that by 2030, “We’re going to have ominous [electric power] deficits.”

The interior of Grace and Corbett Lunsford's tiny house on...

The interior of Grace and Corbett Lunsford's tiny house on wheels, dubbed the Tiny Lab, a 210-square-foot high-performance tiny house. Credit: The Building Performance Workshop

Free home energy audits are available for all homeowners in New York State, Cantwell added, and he said that a small investment in such things as more energy-efficient lighting and proper insulation in a home can achieve “a tremendous savings” in electric and heating costs.

On Tuesday, the event, which will be held both days from noon to 6 p.m., will kick off at East Hampton Town Hall. It continues the next day at the Montauk Playhouse.

PSEG Long Island and the Town of East Hampton will have tables at both locations featuring information for residential and commercial customers.

“This event with PSEG Long Island highlights a continued cooperation to provide new money-saving opportunities to residents and businesses while finding opportunities to address energy challenges on the South Fork,” Cantwell said.

Daly said in the news release that PSEG Long Island joining with the town for the event is a great opportunity for the utility company to showcase the energy-efficient solutions available to PSEG customers.

“PSEG Long Island is committed to updating homes across our service territory,” Daly said.

For more information, contact John Sousa-Botos in the Town’s Natural Resources Department at 631-324-0496 or

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