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Golf lovers typically share some simple common traits — the quest for a perfect stroke, and the search for extra time to actually get onto a course. Unfortunately, neither of those aspirations are easily attained.

Whether you are still on stay-at-home mode or considering a return to the course with warmer climates, there are ways to improve your game without leaving the house. The Exputt: Real-Time Putting Simulator is a perfect solution that provides a chance to sharpen those skills anytime you desire.

Available for only $399, this innovative putting simulator supplies three different modes and brings the practice green to you. This product packs plenty of intelligence, reading metrics for putter path trajectory and impact angles, along with other key elements such as breaks, slopes and speeds.

Users will steadily gain a greater understanding for how to harness their power and pair it with pinpoint accuracy while utilizing this simulator's array of tools. This comprehensive package includes a putting mat and a camera that loads the simulator when connected to a television.

Practice distance control while dealing with tour-level green speed and conditions. Plus, a simple setup and experience allows you to focus on the training rather than figuring out the technology. Gain real-time analysis on your putting approach and discover a manageable path toward improved consistency.

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