It may have been a traumatic experience for kids and their parents at the time, but hardened Long Islanders say outrage over the Great Huntington Easter Egg Hunt Travesty -- organizers admit it was badly coordinated event -- is overblown and indicative of a wussified society.

The event, held at Hecksher Park on Friday, attracted about 1,000 attendees, more than triple what the town expected. Most kids left without an egg to call their own, leaving some in tears.

Boo, hoo, said most commenters to the Newsday story.

Said StepTen: There is a lesson here to be learned. Hey the eggs yourself and hide them in your backyard or house yourself.....on Easter morning.The joy of seeing your children find eggs left by the Easter Bunny is priceless. Try tossing grass around kitchen floor and leave carrot nubs out too.

Others, like TruthTeller, ragujoe and MikeHarris, think parents are generally controlled by their kids.

One commenter, RWM49, noted that one impatient parent yelled "Go!" about 5 minutes before the scheduled 11 a.m. start, causing initial chaos.

Still others pointed to town officials. Said RWR: What are these knuckleheads thinking? We are supposed to trust Petrone & Co to run a town and they can't even run an Easter Egg Hunt-God help us all!

And one commenter predicted a litigious response: How long before the 1st Lawsuit, claiming pain & suffering for losing little Susie?? asked

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