The feat

The senior pitched a one-hitter in the Red Devils' season-opener against Farmingdale with 14 strikeouts and a two-run homer. She followed that with a shutout against Carle Place in the first league game, in which she scored the winning run. Refusing to relent, she threw a two-hitter with two walks and 15 strikeouts against Seaford and scored the deciding run for the Red Devils (3-0, 2-0 Conference ABC-I). She has not allowed an earned run this season.

The quote

"Everyone expected Farmingdale to win. Collectively, we showed them what we are capable of," Daubman said. "Against Carle Place, I singled, stole two bases and was hit in. It felt great to end the stalemate and win our first league game."


Finding her strength in her hitting, Daubman makes sure to have three scrunchies in her hair and listens to music before stepping to the plate. She believes that it is most important to understand the field and be mentally tough.

What's next

Plainedge was the county champion when Daubman was in ninth grade and she hopes to go undefeated and make it back to the conference championships. In order to play deep into the playoffs, she will take the season game by game. This summer, she looks forward to playing with the Brookhaven Spartans.

The lightning round

Career highlight? Ninth-grade softball, when she played on the same team with her sister Sam, who now plays for Catholic University.

Favorite TV show? "One Tree Hill."

Favorite movie? "She's the Man."

What's on your iPod? Country music.

Favorite subject? English.

Favorite food? Sweet potatoes with marshmallow.

Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving.

Vacation spot? Hawaii.

What is your dream car? Jeep Wrangler.

Dream job? An advertising executive.

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