Northport's Shannon Gilroy drives to the goal as Bay Shore...

Northport's Shannon Gilroy drives to the goal as Bay Shore defender Catherine Schmidt comes from behind to attempt a steal. (Apr. 26, 2010) Credit: Frank Koester

Michaela Aymong could barely be seen as she huddled behind her teammates under an overhang as she tried to avoid the rain after the game.

Bay Shore certainly felt her presence during the contest.

Despite a driving rain in her face, the Northport goalie saw and stopped much of what came her way, making a season-high 13 saves in the Tigers' 17-9 Division I win at Bay Shore Monday.

The sophomore came out from under the protection for a moment after the game and begrudgingly lifted her helmet. Cold and wet, she forced a smile as she explained how the foul weather was actually more friend than foe.

"My hands are freezing, but it's actually easier [to see] because the ball's yellow," she said. "And it's all foggy, so it sticks out more."

Aymong and the rest of the Northport defense held the Marauders under double-digit scoring for the first time this year.

"Our goalie played awesome, our defense played awesome, I think we matched up really well against them," Northport coach Carol Rose said. "It was nice to watch. It was flawless."

Northport (8-0) indeed was flawless through the first 13:53. The Tigers opened a 9-0 lead to dash the second-place Marauders' hopes of beating Suffolk's top team even before they all got soaked. Shannon Gilroy scored three of her game-high five goals and sophomore Allie Breitfeller added two of her season-high four goals during the opening run.

"Our team came out on fire today,'' Rose said. "It may be one of the best performances from a Northport team I've seen in 21 years. Unbelievable passing, very unselfish. It was beautiful. I've never been so excited."

Despite losing 10 of the 16 first-half draws, Northport led the possession battle because of the numerous turnovers it forced in the Bay Shore zone. Paige Bonomi (three assists) and Kiera McNally (two) forced goalie turnovers in the first half that led to easy scores for their teammates.

"We threw the ball away way too much," Marauders coach Allison Pfeffer said. "The real game-changer was the turnovers. We turned the ball over all over the field."

Shelby Vaccaro led Bay Shore (6-1) with two goals and an assist, but Northport defender Megan Marinelli held Alyssa Leonard to a season-low one goal.

Marinelli faceguarded her so closely that Leonard barely could see Aymong. The goalie, however, certainly saw her.

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