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Sure, spending all this time at home can become monotonous, but that doesn't mean you can't find ways to maximize an opportunity for personal growth. It's the perfect time to dust off that old guitar — or grab a new one for you or a loved one — and start strumming like you've always wanted to.

Discover your inner Jimi Hendrix or help someone else unleash their hidden talents with The Complete 2021 Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle. You won't beat the value for this 14-course package -- normally priced at $2,800, the bundle is currently listed at $29.99 due to a limited-time 98% discount.

This beginner-to-expert guitar training bundle includes nearly 80 hours of content, offering a unique chance to familiarize yourself with the world's greatest instrument. You will be shredding in no time while working through more than 400 lessons that span genres and techniques, prepared to expand your musical mind.

Master guitar chords, notes, scales and rhythm fundamentals with a practice structure that can be customized to fit into your busy schedule. Lifetime access to the entire bundle ensures you can approach this experience at your own pace and push pause on the process at any time before diving back in for more.

Forget about expensive professional in-person lessons and the rigid appointments that come with them. This bundle provides the tools to get you comfortable with playing guitar quickly, whether it's your first try or you're reviving an old passion. So, be prepared to impress your friends, and most importantly, yourself.

The bundle is equipped with videos and PDFs to keep you on track.

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