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Whether for COVID precautions or financial concerns, there are plenty of reasons to avoid making the trip to a nail salon these days. If you're looking to achieve pro-quality nail treatment at home, one way to start is by getting the right tools for the job.

The BellaNails LED Nail Lamp for Gel and Shellac Nail Polishes provides the freedom and flexibility to maintain beautiful nails from the comfort of your own house, and it's currently available at a can't-miss cost. Typically priced at $29, a 10% discount makes it only $26.99 for a limited time.

Locking in plans to see a professional has never been a more complicated process, and you're ultimately working on someone else's schedule. This affordable alternative allows you to prioritize your convenience and health, and saves you money on everything from transportation to tips for your nail technician.

Enjoy the same great results with this lamp's 120-watt LED light and four different time presets. Carrying an impressive Amazon rating of 4.5 (out of 5), it supplies a high-gloss finish faster than a standard professional nail lamp, saving you additional time and creating the look you crave.

This lamp is also equipped with a handle that makes it easy to transport elsewhere, as it's a portable option for traveling plans. Feel free to use all UV gel products with this device, which comes with an auto shut-off function for safety.

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