Cigarette packs are on display for sale.

Cigarette packs are on display for sale. Credit: GETTY IMAGES

Enough about smoking ["The great smokeout," News, April 11]. Let's go after taxing people who are obese or overweight. Put a tax on soda, cookies, cakes, etc. Obesity causes high medical bills because of strokes, heart attacks, and knee and back problems. So let's start taxing "fat food."

Then let's start on alcohol. Many people go on the road after drinking too much and cause accidents. So let's do this: Charge a $5-tax for every alcoholic drink in a restaurant or bar. Then when the government needs more money, tax $10 for a drink. Also, don't permit drinking in parks or on the beach. Then you'll truly know what a smoker goes through.

Jim Hudson, Holbrook