We’re in Round 4 of our “That’s SO Long Island”...

We’re in Round 4 of our “That’s SO Long Island” tournament, and it’s time to decide the four finalists from the field of iconic foods, attractions, celebrities and activities that remain.

It’s time to decide the final four contestants in Newsday’s “That’s SO Long Island” tournament.

Round 4 is underway, and just eight of the contest’s original 64 iconic local foods, celebrities, attractions and activities picked are still in the running to the claim the title.

In the final celebrity matchup, Billy Crystal is learning what other celebs have already figured out: It’s no fun squaring off with the “Piano Man.” Crystal became the face of Long Beach’s post-Sandy recovery as he raised money to help the city rebuild and was featured in tourism commercials.

But Billy Joel has been the “Big Shot” in the tournament so far, dominating every one of his opponents. And this round is no different: His nearly 8,000 votes as of Saturday morning is 10 times more than Crystal’s total.

Crystal shouldn’t feel too bad, as the trend has been to throw in the towel against Joel. Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, while pitted against Joel in Round 3, voted for Joel instead of himself.

Snider tweeted Tuesday, “I’m not even going to pretend I’m in his league when it comes to defining Long Island.”

In the “Food” corner, it’s a high-carb fight between bagels, which creamed Blue Point beer in the previous round, and grandma pizza, which beat out another pizzeria staple, Italian ices.

Could it be “The End” of the Montauk Lighthouse’s successful run in the tournament, or will its current rival, Jones Beach, be sleeping with the fishes when Round 4 ends? Your votes will decide this matchup, too.

And lastly, after a late rally in Round 3, the Long Island Ducks overtook Long Island Wine Country. The minor league baseball team is now taking on a major contender, Jones Beach concerts. So it’s down to a day at the ballpark versus a concert at the beach. Choose the activity that is “SO Long Island.”

Cast your votes on these matchups at newsday.com/tsli. (Mobile readers: Access the tournament via the link at the top.) You can vote once every 24 hours from each of your devices.

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