New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (C) speaks in favor...

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (C) speaks in favor of the 9/11 James Zadroga Bill at a press conference in December. He is flanked by lawmakers, police and fire department representatives, and Ground Zero workers. Credit: Getty Images

I'm not surprised at the assessment of your editorial that Congress' delay in passing the Zadroga bill was due to its being blocked by Senate Republicans ["9/11 aid bill deserved quicker passage," Dec. 23]. Sickened and disgusted, maybe, but not surprised.

Do your editors deliberately misconstrue the facts, or are they just clueless? This bill was first presented to Congress seven years ago. Congress has been controlled by the Democrats for the last four years. For Newsday to claim that its passage was being blocked by Republicans is simply irresponsible.

Steve Halderman