WWE legend Bret Hart has responded to Martha Hart's lawsuit about the company using Owen's image following his death. Bret promised that his response will be "shocking" and I must say, it is. It's weird to see Bret defending the WWE. And before fans ask, NO. No he's not defending the WWE because of his business relationship with them.

Bret's point is 100% correct as you will read:

I feel that it's ridiculous for anyone to think they are serving the best interests of Owen's memory or his children to pretend he wasn't a wrestler. Not only was he a wrestler, he was a great one and proud of it. I personally believe Martha Hart has done nothing to keep his memory alive and sadly, he fades from view a little more every year. I do suspect this lawsuit is more about publicity, ego, and small-mindedness than it is about pro-wrestling and all of those that are in it.

I know Owen was always proud of his body of work. His fans have never forgotten him and most of today's WWE wrestlers and hundreds of employees have never forgotten him. They speak endlessly of loving memories that speak volumes on what kind of person he was. I saw Owen on TV a few weeks ago against a young Matt Hardy and it put me in such a good mood all day long. Why would anyone want to prevent that? Martha needs to accept the sad truth that he's gone, but we all deserve to be able to salute and honor him for being the great man and the great wrestler that he was. I stopped caring a long time ago about what Martha thinks of me. We don't speak and I haven't seen Owen's children in 10 years. For what reasons, I couldn't begin to tell you. I personally found great inner peace by opening up to forgiveness and instead supported and encouraged current Hart family members now fulfilling their dreams in the complicated-but-astounding world known as the WWE Universe. She completely ignores the fact that Nattie Neidhart, TJ Wilson (Tyson Kidd), and Harry Smith all made a pact when their 12 year old cousin died that they would someday carry on the dream of wrestling in the WWE, this was years before Owen's death and I don't see any reason they should forsake all their dreams. I can't speak more highly of the dedicated, hard working WWE superstars of today.

Having worked with all levels of talent since January, I can honestly say that you won't find a more wholesome bunch of athletes anywhere in any profession. Owen would be proud to be part of what they all are. Martha can say or think whatever the hell she wants but the Hart family as a whole found a way to forgive and move on for the sake of the next generation's well-being. Just because Owen died doesn't mean the Hart legacy from Stu down to his wrestling sons and grandchildren has to die too. The best thing I can do for Owen's kids is take them backstage and introduce them to all the people who love and remember their dad. Owen is loved and missed everyday. Why Martha would insist they never know these people is sad and pathetic.

I believe Owen would turn in his grave watching Martha erase every single thing he ever did, all for spite. Martha Hart needs to celebrate Owen's memory as much as possible, not block it away forever. How stupid and selfish is that? In her own book, she wrote how even though she was angry at Vince, she didn't hate him and that she felt he was truly sorry about what happened. She had written him a letter in order for her to move on and be at peace. Maybe she should practice what she preached.

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