The Brightwaters Village board of trustees on Friday announced it will no longer consider controversial plans to install a cellphone tower on the grounds of a village park.

In an email to village residents Friday, Mayor Joseph A. McNulty and the other trustees said after "informally" polling the board, members decided "it was not in the best interest of the village at this time" to proceed with the approval process for the project.

In July, the board began considering a proposal to allow a telecommunications company to erect a 100-foot-high tower at Gilbert Park on S. Windsor Road as a revenue generator that trustees said could garner up to $12 million over 50 years.

Three companies made pitches, and trustees said they would forward the proposals to the planning board, which would make a nonbinding recommendation.

But a number of village residents voiced objections. At a recent trustees meeting, more than 100 residents swarmed village hall, many citing health and safety concerns, and possible harm to property values.

A group of concerned residents recently hired an attorney to represent them on the matter.

Reached at home Friday night, McNulty confirmed the content of the email.

"The money sounded good," he said, "but when the residents stood up there and said, 'Can you guarantee the health of the children?' we felt it was better not to pursue."

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