Finding bid notices and requests for proposals from the Town of Brookhaven has become easier and quicker with a new system on the town’s website, Brookhaven Supervisor Mark Lesko announced.

The system went live last week, Town of Brookhaven spokesman Jack Krieger said.

It allows potential vendors to electronically submit and view any bids or proposals for town projects, according to a news release from the town. The Internet-based system also lets the town track businesses accessing bids.

Lesko said in the release that the goal is to make the bidding process quicker for potential vendors, as well as lighten the cost and workload for the town.

“We are bringing Brookhaven Town government into the 21st century,” he said.

Before the new system had been implemented, the Brookhaven Purchasing Division required representatives of Suffolk County businesses to pick up printed copies from the Town Hall if the business wanted to respond to a bid or proposal request.

The town also reported that the number of vendors coming to the Brookhaven Town Hall to pick up physical copies of bids and RFPs has reduced since the new system went live.

Krieger said some documents that require a fee must be picked up in person. He said the town is working on a secure online payment system that would accept credit and debit cards along with e-checks. That part of the system should be available in the next few months, he said.

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