In 2007, Ruth Siegel of Jericho, called LIPA to replace...

In 2007, Ruth Siegel of Jericho, called LIPA to replace a pole on Key Place because she was concerned the pole was rotting. (April 6, 2010) Credit: Newsday/Gwen Young

In May 2007, I called LIPA because a utility pole had shifted and moved off its base. You could see the shards. LIPA sent an inspector and a new pole was installed next to the old pole almost immediately. But it's been nearly three years and all of the utility wires are still attached to the old pole. No one has moved any of the wires and my calls to LIPA, Cablevision and Verizon have been ignored. This is behind the Seaman Elementary School property and I'm afraid one day this pole is going to fall and hurt someone.

- Ruth Siegel, Jericho

We contacted LIPA spokesman Mark Gross who has an excellent track record getting reader problems resolved for us by working not only with LIPA crews, but also with Verizon and Cablevision (which owns Newsday) when necessary.

Within a week after we called, Gross had resolved Mrs. Siegel's complaint.

In an e-mail, Gross wrote, "LIPA removed the old splintered pole last week and switched our equipment to the new pole. At that time, we also notified Cablevision to do the same." Verizon didn't have service lines on that pole, Gross said.

We asked why it took nearly three years for the job to be completed. Gross responded, "Our customer service records show there has been no correspondence or phone calls with the customer since June of 2007; however, we do apologize for any error that may have impeded the process."

Anyone with LIPA-related problems should contact customer service at 800-490-0025, or e-mail the details by contacting officials at LIPA's Web site - As with any complaint made to any agency, be sure to note the name of the person you speak with and the time and date of your call.

I have lived in my house for a few years now. Every time it rains the street floods, and every time the street floods I go to Islip Town Hall and put in another complaint. They have cleaned the storm drains, but the next time it rains the street floods again.

- Marilyn Hart, East Islip

Drainage improvements are on the way, Mrs. Hart.

Following our inquiry, the town's acting Public Works Commissioner Rich Baker said two additional storm drains will be installed by the end of May on Shinnecock Lane - one in front of Hart's house and another across the street.

Baker said that the additional drainage "should alleviate the current flooding issue."

In December, the town's Department of Public Works replaced two other storm drains in front of Hart's house as a result of her calls, Baker said.

Those drains had worked "adequately," he said, until the heavy amount of rainfall in late March that caused flooding throughout Long Island.

Town of Islip residents with flooding concerns can contact the town's Department of Public Works at 631-224-5610.

- MICHAEL R. EBERTIt's all systems go for a no U-turn sign to be replaced on Old Country Road near the Roosevelt Field mall, to prevent westbound drivers from making risky U-turns at Clinton Road.

We wrote about the problem, which turned out to be a study in overlapping jurisdictions, in November after Leslie Dimmling of Garden City contacted us about the missing sign.

Old Country Road is Nassau County's domain, but the Town of North Hempstead controls signage.

According to North Hempstead's traffic technician Diane O'Donnell, the sign was mistakenly installed several years ago when the county reconstructed the intersection. Most likely, it was knocked down by a vehicle and never replaced because there were no records of it on file.

After our call, O'Donnell inspected the site and agreed the sign was needed. However, the median was too narrow for a sign, so she sent us to the county's Department of Public Works, which controls the installation of overhead signs on county roads.

The county agreed to install the sign, but first it needed the town to pass a local ordinance for it, which was approved by the town board on April 6, according to town spokesman Collin Nash. In November, we reported that the town would install the sign, but recently learned that's the county's responsibility.

Now, O'Donnell plans to send a copy of the recently passed ordinance to the county's Public Works Department, requesting it to move ahead with the installation. "That will take a couple more weeks," O'Donnell said.

Town of North Hempstead residents with traffic sign problems should call 311.


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