Now that Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) has been released I hope the WWE does not scale back the NXT invasion angle. People are still jacked up for this storyline to unfold with or without Bryan. Yes, he was the best out of all the NXT stars, but now this opens up the opportunity for someone else to take his place and make their mark.

To scale this angle back now would also show that the company has no confidence in the rest of the rookies. This angle has been pushed to center stage in the WWE and fans are expecting this to be the case for a while. The WWE cannot let the fans down at this point who have high expectations to see this play out.

As for the Undertaker comatose angle, it still sucks. I have figured out one way the WWE can rectify the whole thing. Upon Undertaker’s return late this summer he will most likely challenge Jack Swagger for the title. Have Taker return in his old 1990s attire. It’s a simple thing to ask that the fans would go head over heels for it and forget how the sad angle got to that point. The vegetated angle will be a distant memory once Taker looks like the old Dead Man.

One problem: Undertaker has always looked for way to evolve his character through the years. He has never wanted to dwell on the past. Yes, he brought back the Dead Man character, but it was updated to fit the modern version of the WWE. Can Undertaker bring the old attire out when he makes his return? Sure. But it will be his call.

That’s all for this Sunday. My thanks to RichieGLynbrook for the good discussion on some previous blog posts this weekend. Keep it coming.

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