The Gawley family reads classwork and literature from the Interfaith...

The Gawley family reads classwork and literature from the Interfaith Community. Parents Pam and Steve are raising their children with Jewish and Roman Catholic traditions. From left, the children are Matthew, 11, Ryan, 6, and Michaela, 14. Credit: Karen Wiles Stabile

Regarding "Mixed marriages: Keeping the faiths" [News, June 5], in 1940 after secretly dating for six years, my Jewish mother and Italian Roman Catholic father eloped. They mutually decided their children would be brought up Catholic.

My father with his poor vision never drove. So it was my mother who drove us to church every Sunday but never came into the church except on special occasions. She also was the one to go over our Sunday school lessons.

We were also exposed to Judaism at maternal family homes and affairs. We were taught to be tolerant. We were never confused about religion.

All of their four children have remained Catholic, although some of us are nonpracticing. I believe it was the best way for us to be raised.

More and more interfaith marriages occur. I wonder what children brought up in two religions will choose in their future.

Victoria Briganti, Calverton