Amanda Goldenberg, head of Audio Unlimited of Hicksville. (Dec. 8,...

Amanda Goldenberg, head of Audio Unlimited of Hicksville. (Dec. 8, 2010) Credit: Kevin P. Coughlin

Amanda Goldenberg says her company's mission is to "enhance spaces through sound, video and lighting systems."

Audio Unlimited, based in Hicksville, designs, installs and services such equipment in the region and other locations in the nation.

Goldenberg, who had worked in marketing, bought the business in the summer of 2009.

She belongs to the Suffolk County Womens' Business Enterprise Coalition and has applied for state, city and county certifications as a woman-owned business enterprise.

Goldenberg, 32, is a naturalized American born in France. She is married with three children. 

What are your plans for growth?
The company is pursuing "strategic alliances with other businesses" with similar clients, such as movers and furniture and information technology companies. 

How has the recession affected business?
"Some potential clients who may have wanted to install systems maybe were slower in the process of doing so or decided to wait for a while. For the most part, we were actually pretty fortunate to make out OK. The sales cycle may be a little longer than it used to be, but things are still moving. We're seeing things progressing nicely." 

What qualities do you look for when hiring?
"First of all, I want people that are enthusiastic about what we do. I'm very excited about the services we provide. We're a small firm, so I need somebody who's flexible, who likes working in a team and who's willing to roll up their sleeves if they're asked to do something that's maybe outside the realm of what was initially defined as their responsibility." 

How did you learn how to manage?
"Part of it is book-learned, from going to school. Part of it is just a knack for social interaction. Managing people is a lot about observing, listening, being compassionate and humane. Managing a small business is also about knowing when to turn to other people and surrounding yourself with the right people." 

How would you describe your leadership style?
"I really see it as a team effort and everyone being involved in the progress of the company and the success of the company."

 What do you do to motivate?
"A strong motivation is knowing the ongoing efforts we're doing to bring in new business. And obviously there's a financial component to motivating people. We make sure our technicians get training as well so they feel like they're growing and improving within their skill set." 

What advice do you have for someone who wants to start a business?
"Be very, very, very committed - extremely committed. It's key to surround yourself with the right expertise. Nobody can do anything of that magnitude alone."

Corporate snapshot

Name.  Amanda Goldenberg

Title. President

Company. Audio Unlimited

Business. Installs sound, video, lighting systems

Location. Hicksville

Type. Private company

Revenue. $2 million

Employees. 9