The No. 1 overall pick in fantasy football drafts usually is considered a lock for elite production. But unlike years past, there's no clear No. 1 pick this season.

An argument can be made for at least four players. Unless you are in a league that starts two quarterbacks, can use a quarterback as a flex or have a unique scoring system, a running back should be selected in the first five picks.

Many teams are employing timeshares and very few running backs get 300 carries anymore. The position is scarce with few elite players.

Arian Foster was the top running back last season. He had 327 carries for 1,616 yards with 16 touchdowns and caught 66 passes for 604 yards with two scores. It was his first season as a full-time player. Even the Texans didn't know what they had considering they drafted Ben Tate last season.

When selecting your first- round pick, you want to limit risk. Foster is an instinctive runner, a perfect fit for the zone-blocking system, and is an excellent receiver.

One thing to consider with the lockout is continuity. It will take some time for players in new systems to adapt. The Texans bring back the same offense, including all five starters on the offensive line. There is no learning curve. The only loss was fullback Vonta Leach and he was replaced by Lawrence Vickers, who is good. Foster has missed some time in camp because of a hamstring injury, but the Texans are just being cautious. They don't need to evaluate him.

The biggest argument against Foster is that he's a one-year wonder. Based on last season, there isn't a major flaw, considering he also played with a torn meniscus. The Texans offense will be one of the best again and Foster is the No. 1 pick.

The Ravens' Ray Rice is my No. 2 pick in a Points Per Reception (PPR) league. He had 307 carries and caught 63 passes last season. With Willis McGahee gone, he should score more TDs in an offense that is run-heavy. Keep in mind he was bothered by a knee injury last season and had surgery, so he should be better.

Next is the Chiefs' Jamaal Charles. He rushed for 1,467 yards on just 230 carries (6.4 ypc) and caught 45 passes for 468 yards. He had only eight TDs, but he makes the most of every touch and should see a few more this season. Another good situation where the Chiefs emphasize the run.

I know most will have the Vikings' Adrian Peterson higher. I don't doubt the talent and he has thrived with little talent surrounding him in the past. But he is behind one of the worst offensive lines and outside of Percy Harvin, the Vikings have no threats at receiver. It's so close between the top four and Peterson is in the worst situation.

The Titans' Chris Johnson could certainly be in the discussion, but his holdout situation makes him a risky choice.