Flautist Karin Marcello and harpist Karen Lindquist perform a concert...

Flautist Karin Marcello and harpist Karen Lindquist perform a concert Sunday at the Hauppauge Public Library. (Feb. 13, 2012) Credit: Alessandra Malito

The harpist and flutist glanced at each other for a moment, nodded gently, and the music began.

Harpist Karen Lindquist and flautist Karin Marcello performed a free concert Sunday for community members at the Hauppauge Public Library. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, the concert’s theme was romance.

“The flute and harp attract people,” said Marcello, 32, of Stony Brook.  “People like the sound of the flute and the harp together.”

Marcello has always been musically active. She started playing flute in fourth grade and has also sung and played keyboard and violin.

She and Lindquist, 62, of Manhattan, began collaborating when Marcello was looking for a harpist to play on a compact disc she made. The  CD includes collaborations of flute and harp, flute and chamber orchestra, flute and piano and flute duets.

“It was the hardest thing I ever did,” Marcello said about making the CD.

That was five years ago, and she and Lindquist still perform together.

Lindquist uses a 40-year-old harp designed by Carlos Salzedo, a harpist from the early 20th century. She has been playing since she was young. “When I was 10 years old, I took piano, but I always loved the sound of the harp,” said Lindquist, who begged her parents for a harp before they finally relented. “The sound is so unique, so beautiful. It makes me want to put my hands on the harp every day.”

During the concert Sunday, the women  performed works including a minuet by Luigi Boccherini and "Habanera,” from Georges Bizet's opera, "Carmen." Other pieces included arrangements made specifically for them by Marcello’s producer, Barry Hartglass. One song, “Tarot,” has origins in the fact that Marcello reads tarot cards.

A Hauppauge resident, Donna Zubris, said the music was charming.

“You’d pay good money to see this,” she said.

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