Catherine Kim of of Jericho, left, competes against Ana Gaztanaga...

Catherine Kim of of Jericho, left, competes against Ana Gaztanaga of Garden City in a foil bout during a Nassau girls fencing match at Jericho on Wednesday. Credit: James Escher

Quick reflexes and athleticism are keys for any good fencer. When you combine that with the ability to think quickly and make in match adjustments you get a team like the Jericho girls.

The Jayhawks showed off those abilities Wednesday night, defeating Garden CIty 16-11.

"A lot of the sport is just muscle memory so praciting all our techniques and strategies makes it easier to transition it and bring it into our meets," Catherine Kim said. "Practicing is such an integral part of fencing."

Kim and Grace Lee both went 3-0 as part of a foil team that went 8-1 overall and was integral in picking up the win.

"During the matches we analyze everything we do and pick up on our mistakes," Lee said. "We make sure in between each match and bout to discuss what we can improve to beat our opponents."

Lee’s final win at foil was the clinching point for the Jayhawks.

"Catherine and Grace have really stepped up for us in their roles this year," coach Seth Skolnick said. "A lot of our girls have experience from our 2018 championship team and we’ve been able to establish a culture with the team and the athletic department that we expect to compete and win. When you go in with a positive attitude and expect to win good things happen."

With a record of 5-1 the Jayhawks know if they continue to win the season could turn into a special one, especially considering there was a chance because of the pandemic that they wouldn’t even have a chance to compete.

"We prepare and train and we know what to expect," Skolnick said. "We watch film and take notes and we adjust to the other teams and the officials. Having that game plan gives the girls a lot of confidence."

And being able to adjust it on the fly leads to even more success.

"I usually stand by coach and watch and analyze each of our foil bouts," Lee said. "I have my teammates watch me and try to point out my mistakes. We just try and improve every day and that’s what helps us win."

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