Great Neck Village welcome sign on Aug. 16, 2012.

Great Neck Village welcome sign on Aug. 16, 2012. Credit: Brittany Wait

A public meeting will be held Monday, Feb. 25, regarding a proposed remedy for contamination under a dry-cleaning business in Great Neck.

The property at 489 Great Neck Rd., which houses Mayflower Cleaners, has been designated a Superfund site by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation due to contamination that “represents a significant threat to public health or the environment.”

The contamination includes volatile organic compounds.

While the site has a system in place intended to keep harmful soil vapors from reaching the surface and penetrating the air of the parking lot and adjacent businesses, the system, dating to 2010, “was installed without the oversight and/or approval” of the Department of Environmental Conservation, according to the state. The system will be upgraded as part of the proposed remedy.

The public meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at the Great Neck Library, 159 Bayview Ave.
The state also is accepting public comments on the proposal beginning Wednesday through March 20.