Anne Marie Sengillo went from 150 pounds to 70 pounds...

Anne Marie Sengillo went from 150 pounds to 70 pounds in a year and posted pictures of her recovery from anorexia to help others suffering from body image problems. Credit: Imgur

The Chive used photos of a woman with anorexia in an article titled "These weight loss transformations are amazing".

On March 23, Anne Marie Sengillo posted photos of her recovery from anorexia under ProgressPics on the website Reddit. Sengilo has struggled with anorexia since 2007, and has been in recovery for a year, according to women's interest blog Jezebel. Sengillo's photos show her before anorexia, and at her lowest weight and relapses over the last seven years.  

Photos of Sengillo before her struggles with anorexia and at her lowest weight, 70 pounds, were then used as “weight loss transformation” photos by The Chive.  

"I posted my photos to give hope to others who may have body image issues," Sengillo wrote in an email to Jezebel. "But The Chive is using my anorexic photo as thinspiration. My transformation from 150 lbs to 70 and then 90 lbs is not something I want anyone to see and think, 'Wow! I want to look like her!' "

Sengillo's photos have since been removed from the article.

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