Northwell Healh's Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde...

Northwell Healh's Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park is shown. The health system said Friday it has more than 500 COVID-19 patients in its 19 facilities. Credit: Howard Simmons

New York continues to rack up high numbers of new cases and deaths from COVID-19, according to state figures released Friday.

Across New York State, based on 219,442 tests, the overall infection rate Thursday was 3.72% and 3.8% on Long Island and 2.8% in New York City, according to state figures. There were 3,103 people hospitalized, an increase of 47 from the day before, and 39 people died, the figures showed.

The highest rate in the state was in Western New York, at 8.1%, the figures said.

"All the global experts say the same thing: This virus has phases, and as the phase changes your plan should change. We're seeing an increase with the numbers across the country and within our own state. It started with the fall, and it's going to continue and probably worsen in the winter," Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Friday.

The governor noted that the positive testing rate in all focus areas under the state's microcluster strategy was 5.69%, and outside the focus zone areas it was 3.13%.

Within the focus areas, 50,972 test results were reported Thursday, yielding 2,901 positives. In the remainder of the state, not counting these focus areas, 168,470 test results were reported, yielding 5,275 positives.

Nassau County saw 671 new cases of the virus Thursday, for a total of 59,238, the state figures said.

Nassau’s daily positivity rate was 3.7%. A total of 215 people were hospitalized, with 38 in ICU, and 25 intubated, said County Executive Laura Curran.

"As Gov. Cuomo noted in his briefings, the recent increase in hospitalizations on Long Island is worrying," Curran said. "There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but this isn't over yet. Let’s remain vigilant and stay safe this holiday weekend."

Suffolk County had 711 cases for a total of 59,273, the state figures said.

A total of 3.9% tested positive in Suffolk County on Thursday, which was higher than the 7-day average of 3.7%, according to county figures.

Also in Suffolk, 205 people were hospitalized, a decrease of 1. A total of 45 patients were in the ICU, an increase of 1 in 24 hours, with 15 intubated.

New York City had 2,558 new cases of the virus Thursday, for a total of 305,080, according to the state figures.

Northwell on Friday said the number of hospitalized COVID-19 cases at its health system continues to climb.

The largest health system in the state said it had 506 COVID-19 patients at the 19 hospitals it owns and operates. About 230 of those patients were at a Long Island hospital.

Northwell had 349 hospitalized COVID-19 patients a week ago.

Staten Island continued to be the hot spot. Northwell says it has 131 COVID-19 patients at its facility there.

Northwell said it had 68 COVID-19 admissions over the last 24 hours, half of which were on Long Island.

Cuomo continued to urge New Yorkers to be careful.

"As we go through the holidays and winter months, it's going to be more imperative than ever for New Yorkers to wear their masks, wash their hands, avoid gatherings large and small, and stay New York Tough," he said in a statement.

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