Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo says, "If this [Trump] administration rolls...

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo says, "If this [Trump] administration rolls out a flawed vaccination plan ... it's going to be very hard for the Biden administration to turn it back." Credit: Don Pollard

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Sunday said he worried it would be hard for a Biden administration to "turn it back" if the Trump administration "rolls out a flawed" coronavirus vaccination plan.

Cuomo, speaking on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday morning, said "the vaccination plan is a huge undertaking; 330 million people have to be vaccinated. This nation only did 120 million COVID tests in seven months. If this administration rolls out a flawed vaccination plan, it's going to be a problem because it's going to be very hard for the Biden administration to turn it back."

Cuomo, who backed President-elect Joe Biden's campaign, expressed concern about the rising coronavirus caseload this fall and predicted it could persist into the early weeks of winter.

Cuomo has warned of the immensely complex logistics for distributing an eventual vaccine, candidates for which are being tested, to the state's population. In October, Cuomo said New York was developing a coronavirus vaccination strategy to be implemented in concert with the federal government. A vaccine would likely be implemented in two doses, about three to four weeks apart, Cuomo has said.

Cuomo and state Attorney General Letitia James have said states lack sufficient funding to administer the plan fairly, and they worried that communities of color would be shortchanged.

White House officials have said the administration is in touch with governors about resource needs. Each state received a "road map" for providing vaccines equitably, White House officials have said.

Cuomo said Sunday: "Unfortunately, the Biden administration doesn't take office until January 20th. I know this was the election, but that's a long two months. And then after the fall resurgence, this administration is now starting to implement the vaccination plan. That's going to be very important and that's probably the largest test we've had since COVID started."

The infection rate on Long Island has been climbing, reaching 2.5% on Friday.

In Nassau on Friday, the number of positive case results was 254, while in Suffolk, the figure was 259.

"You see the numbers going crazy all across this country, all across the globe, the scientists said this was going to happen," Cuomo said. "And you're seeing it in the fall with the cold coming back and we're going to have a long two months."

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