Barry Snyder of Lake Grove, who now weighs 305 pounds,...

Barry Snyder of Lake Grove, who now weighs 305 pounds, lost 100 pounds in 13 months after trying Take Shape for Life. (2012) Credit: Handout; Ed Betz

HIS STORY Life and stress were the culprits behind Barry Snyder's slow weight gain.

"I'm an emotional eater," says Snyder. "I love to eat. Pushing away from the table is a challenge for me." He's also a snacker, enjoying both salty potato chips and creamy chocolate. "Did you know you can buy chocolate-covered potato chips?" he says with a laugh.

Despite having tried many weight-loss programs, Snyder says he always gained the weight back.

"I got serious about losing weight after I saw my wife's success after three months," Snyder says of deciding to try Take Shape for Life, a weight-management program that includes Medifast replacement meals.

"When I first started and looked at the meal bar, I thought, 'No way. I'm going to need five of these to fill me up,' " Snyder remembers. "Now, I eat one and I'm satisfied. I like the replacement meals because I don't want to count calories, count points or measure stuff."

He adds that losing weight with his wife, Jane, also helps because she's his major support system.

He has conquered the emotional eating and even allows himself the occasional treat without fear of being out of control. He says that learning what he can eat and how much has been the key to successful weight loss.

DIET He has five replacement meals and one "lean and green meal" daily.

"The replacement meals are great because each is a fully balanced meal," Snyder says. His off-plan meal is usually a large salad, vegetables and grilled chicken or fish. "I don't eat any potatoes or breads and have cut down on the amount of beef I eat."

EXERCISE Although he exercised before, he says he wasn't consistent, nor did he push himself.

Now, he works out in a gym three days a week using circuit machines, swims and jogs. "My wife and I also walk or jog every other day," Snyder says.

ADVICE "All you have to lose is the weight; if you try something and it doesn't work, you haven't lost anything," says Snyder.

Barry Snyder

58, Lake Grove

Occupation: Aircraft maintenance engineer

Height: 5-foot-8

305 Weight before November 2011

205 Weight after December 2012

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