James Moran, 60, of Levittown, at left in October 2018,...

James Moran, 60, of Levittown, at left in October 2018, when he weighed 275 pounds, and after his 110 pounds. Credit: Cathy Moran; Shelby KnowlesCathy Moran; Shelby Knowles

James Moran, 60, Levittown

Occupation: Retired, working part time in the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management

Before: 275 Oct. 2018; After: 165 May 2019

James Moran struggled with weight right out of high school. He became a veteran of weight-loss methods that ran the gamut from liquid diets to Weight Watchers to lap band surgery. Any weight he lost he says he always regained. His lap band was removed after four months because of complications. 

After ballooning to 275 pounds, Moran saw Dr. Arif Ahmad, a weight-loss surgeon in Port Jefferson who suggested bypass surgery. Moran went through the six-month pre-surgery protocol of testing and appointments with specialists from a variety of areas such as cardiology, psychology and nutrition and had the surgery in November 2017.

“I still tell people the biggest thing is sticking to the plan that has been laid out by the doctors. If you follow them to a T, you’ll do great. I’m a regimented guy and eat regular food in small increments.”

Moran lost 110 pounds in 15 months and has been maintaining since February.

“My wife and I like to go to the city but [before surgery] I couldn’t walk without taking a break and could barely get up the subway stairs. Now she can’t keep up with me,” says Moran.

Moran starts his day with scrambled egg whites, turkey and onions on a whole wheat wrap, which he usually can’t finish. Lunch can be salad and soup, though periodically he’ll have a sandwich or a hamburger without a roll. Dinner options are chicken or fish with a vegetable and a salad. Snacks range from baby carrots dipped in ranch dressing during the day to Ralph's Italian Ices or fresh watermelon or pineapple after dinner.

Moran hits the pedals and rides his bike three to four times a week now that the good weather is here. He also walks his dog, Bailey, two to three times a day for 30 to 45 minutes at a time.

“If you’re going to elect to have surgery, stick to the plan. Your insurance company and doctors will lay it out. If you don’t stick to it, it won’t work … Think about half portions or ordering off the kids menu when going out to eat. If I order a regular portion, I get three days’ worth of meals from it.”

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