Amityville Village Hall

Amityville Village Hall Credit: Alexi Knock

Amityville Village might join other South Shore communities in easing building regulations for homeowners who want to raise their houses above flood level.

A public hearing is scheduled for March 11 on legislation that would let homeowners elevate houses as much as three feet above the floodline, even if it means exceeding building height restrictions.

That would be a foot-and-a-half above the level reached during superstorm Sandy, village attorney Bruce Kennedy said at Monday night’s board of trustees meeting. The law would only apply to the primary structure on a piece of property and would sunset in 2015.

Kennedy said those limitations were in keeping with the intent of the height restrictions, enacted several years ago.

“We were trying to protect people so they wouldn’t have gigantic houses eight or 10 feet from their property line.”

Patchogue passed a similar law in late January.