An aerial view of the Statue of Liberty (April 5...

An aerial view of the Statue of Liberty (April 5 , 2010) Credit: Ed Betz

Ready for another hotblooded round of immigration debate? Ready or not, here it comes.

Barack Obama's big speech was Thursday. And any moment now, the Justice Department will be filing suit against the state of Arizona, contending that the toughest-in-America immigration law is plainly unconstitutional.

So why does all this seem so far away?

It's not that Long Island doesn't struggle to absorb its fresh immigration, some legal, some not. It's certainly not that our politicians are above pandering on the issue or that the stresses of fresh immigration don't pop up here and there.

See the immigrant flop houses, stacked like store shelves, and day-laborer lineups outside Home Depot.

But compared to the roar of the border states - and compared to the roar of talk radio - life with and for new immigrants has been relatively benign around here.

Not perfect by a long shot but little of the open hostility of Tucson or Albuquerque or San Diego.

Around New York and Long Island, the economy has done a relatively good job absorbing the newcomers. There are reasons for this, good reasons.

Our immigrants come from many nations, not just a few. They arrive with a mix of skill levels. The available jobs are more diverse than farm labor and construction.

And we have a tradition - this should not be discounted - of absorbing waves of immigrations from all around the world.

We have that lady in New York harbor. She stands for something this Independence Day.



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17 LI Assembly Members

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