Superstorm Sandy also impacted the Long Island Rail Road tracks...

Superstorm Sandy also impacted the Long Island Rail Road tracks at Island Park in Barnum Island. (Nov. 1, 2012) Credit: Howard Schnapp

So many questions, so many unanswered, at the end of a very challenging week. Nice to hear the polls will be open on Tuesday. Now who's expecting to drive to one? . . . You wanted waterfront property? This badly? . . . How will Steve Bellone enforce his no-gouging threat? Has he ever been to the Hamptons in August?

How much dumber are Long Island kids for missing school all week? How much smarter will they be after sitting in a classroom in July? . . . The Commack library has Internet and electricity? Have you ever seen the parking lot so packed?

Obama surveyed Sandy's damage in Jersey and offers to survey in NYC? Should LI be offended he hasn't surveyed here? . . . Who needs a StairMaster? Minda Aguhob is recruiting fellow stair-climbing gym rats to deliver food and water to older folks trapped in city high-rises.

If Sandy hit lands at Category 1, how would LI handle a Cat 5? . . . Whose idea was it anyway to put electric lines near trees? Think again, please . . . Can modern science please take a bow? With eight diesel-powered generators, all the Cold Spring Harbor Lab specimens are safe and sound post-Sandy.

Sandy might not tip Romney/Obama, but what about Altschuler/Bishop? Whose supporters are more grateful? Whose are more fed up?

Have you tasted one of those Sandy MREs? They're magic! One bite and your hunger is gone! . . . Did Expedia really say zero hotel rooms are available anywhere on LI well into next week? Zero? When was the last time that occurred?

Do Mike Bloomberg and Andrew Cuomo mind Chris Christie's Sandy star turn? Do Bellone and Ed Mangano mind they aren't even in the running? . . . A few gas-line tussles get all the attention, but weren't they outnumbered 100 to 1 -- maybe 1,000 to 1 -- by the gratuitous acts of kindness?

What are LI cellphone towers made of? They can't withstand some wind? . . . Believe in climate change yet? How many more 100-year storms will it take? . . . Now do you regret replacing the landline with a cordless phone? Isn't there an old reliable stored in the attic somewhere?

Insurance deductibles are based on the total value of the home? Can Cuomo really just waive them? Why didn't previous governors think of that? . . . When was the last time you needed D batteries? Outside of emergency flashlights, I mean. Who knew D batteries were even made anymore? . . . Who wants to start an Electricity Appreciation Society? This week, membership recruitment would be a breeze.

Have you played this post-Sandy guessing game: Listen for the accents of the visiting repair crews and try to guess where they're from. Thank Alabama. Thank 'em all . . . You hear what Business Corners of Hauppauge did? Invited anyone to come and get connected for free.

No marathon? You mean now we'll have to run 26 miles all by ourselves? . . . How much stiffer will Fire Island building codes be after this? . . . Next time someone says "evacuate," how many more people will evacuate? . . . Be honest now: Before Sandy hit, did you have any idea how dark Long Island could be at night?

Am I doing the math right? With 3,100 LIPA workers and 526,000 LIPA customers in the dark (as of Friday afternoon), isn't that nearly 340 customers for every two-worker crew? Realistically, how many turn-ons a day? . . . Exactly a week ago, who described the Sandy pre-coverage as "over-hyped?" Really? What was I thinking?Email

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