Huntington Town Hall in an undated photo.

Huntington Town Hall in an undated photo. Credit: Alexi Knock

The Town of Huntington has again adopted a policy to pay town employees on military active duty the difference in their salaries while they serve.

Earlier this month the town re-established its ARMS -- Americans Reactivated for Military Service -- program that allows the salary of all active-duty reservists employed by the town to be paid while that person is deployed for combat or other active duty this year.

“Any military service person who is called to active duty, their military pay is always invariably considerably less than their town pay,” said town board member Susan Berland, sponsor of the resolution. “What this does, it pays the town employee the differential while they are on active duty so they don’t suffer any economical consequence by serving our country.”

The town has been adopting such a policy since 2003 and has helped about a dozen employees, Berland said. Having the option available for employees is something the town takes pride in, she said.

“Nothing is more important than supporting our military and we have town employees who are sacrificing their safety to defend our country,” Berland said. “The least we can do is make sure they don’t suffer any economical hardship and that their families are being taken care of while they are out defending us.”

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