Islip Town Hall in an undated photo.

Islip Town Hall in an undated photo. Credit: Erin Geismar

Two weeks after announcing a potential reorganization of the town's human services department, and after two hours of public testimony at Tuesday's meeting, the Islip Town board voted 5-0 to put the controversial plan in motion.
The move will cut jobs and services to residents but could save $1.6 M in 2013, officials say.

A complete story will be posted a little later. Meanwhile, here are reporter Candice Ruud's Twitter updates from the meeting.

"Now onto regular business. most in audience left the room after the public hearings.

4:18 p.m.

"1.75 hrs of public commentary later, most against reorg of DHS. Senft said he's concerned about $26M shortfall, doesn't think town govt ... Should be in business of supplying some of these services - said other organizations can do it better.

4:17 p.m.

board voted 5-0 to enact both resolutions in the public hearing. town's human services dept reorganization is under way.

4:05 p.m.

Toni Felice, who works with Catholic Charities Commonhouse: if I didn't refer clients to Access, where would they go?

Weinstein said Brentwood Access location has little oversight, is "grateful the town board has recognized problems with Access."

"and sometimes illegal activity of supervisors working there who she said 'created a fiefdom where the only rules were theirs.'"

"Myra Weinstein, former 20 yr employee at Access, said she's glad it might be dissolved at town level- said theres been rampant immorality."

"Christine Lee, an Access intern, says program provides education not just to clients but to interns on their way to degrees. "

"Dr. Jeff Reynolds of LICADD told board his org would help as much as possible during time of fiscal hardship/ increasing substance abuse."

"No one has spoken outwardly in favor of reverting Access to county. Some have brought up ideas to ease cost to town."

"No one has spoken outwardly in favor of reverting Access to county. Some have brought up ideas to ease cost to town. #newsday #islip"

"Quick facts: town pays around 17% of Access program each year. Other funding is from county, state and clients. #newsday #islip"

"2 residents have spoken through a Spanish interpreter to defend Access/Acceso drug program, which would be returned to county. #newsday"

"Vivian Steers, who is "galloping toward 83", hopes for no cuts or changes to the senior services programs that are so well used. #newsday"

"Renee Ortiz asked that town look at savings, & think about lives that will be affected by dissolving Access drug program in town. #newsday"