Here's what Rep. Steve Israel (D-Huntington) doesn't acknowledge ["Israel: NY not getting fair share," News, Dec. 7]: When you take money from one person, group or state and give it to someone else, that is called redistribution of wealth. Marx described it this way: From each, according to his ability, to each, according to his needs.

If the federal government is paying for medical, rent, education, food, unemployment benefits, or what have you, the wealthy states like New York must subsidize the poorer states, like Mississippi.

Since it seems like Rep. Israel never met a government entitlement he didn't like, you'd think he'd understand what was going on.

We in New York have been dealing with this inequity for decades. Our taxes have disappeared down the New York City Medicaid rathole generation after generation.

Rep. Israel acts as though he is merely a spectator in Washington. If he thinks New York is getting the short end now, just wait until Obamacare kicks in. This all stops being a problem when the federal government stops doing what the states should do, and goes back to doing what its enumerated powers say it should be doing.

Jon Deitch


Rep. Steve Israel is charging that "New York receives less in federal funding then it pays in taxes." He states, "Nobody should be paying more than they get."

I have to agree with Rep. Israel. According to my calculations, I pay out much, much more in federal, state, property and education taxes than I have ever gotten back. Where can I go to get what's owed me?

Robert F. LaPorta

Dix Hills