WWE superstar Rey Mysterio

WWE superstar Rey Mysterio

It’s time for my Sunday column in a blog.

After Kane cashed in his title shot and won the World heavyweight title at the Money in the Back pay per view, everyone thought we were on a collision course for a Kane/Undertaker match at Summerslam. This past Friday night, Rey Mysterio beat Jack Swagger for the number one contender’s spot to earn the right to face Kane at Summerslam.

I thought the WWE would throw a swerve and not flat out give the fans Undertaker vs. Kane for the title at the ppv. Some fans might say, how about a triple threat match? Bad idea and here’s why. If the WWE is planning for Kane to be Undertaker’s attacker and make this a triple threat, then Rey takes a major backseat to this match. As much as I dislike Rey, he does not deserve that treatment. After all, the man was the World Heavyweight champion for a little while.

Having Rey feud with Kane all the way to Summerslam is a weak top feud for Smackdown in my opinion. The way you inject some interest into this feud is by having Taker involved, but never appear. What I’m proposing is having Taker taunt Kane very much the way he did going into Wrestlemania 20 in 2004. The only difference this time around is have the taunting not be so obvious, but obvious enough to get fans interested in a Taker return. It adds more layers to a boring feud but keeps the major players, Kane and Rey, as the focal points.

Let’s face it, the WWE is not going to blow Taker’s big return on free TV only to have the spoilers all over the net on Wednesday morning. He can then make his return at Summerslam and reveal Kane as his attacker and begin their feud from that point on.

Will it work to perfection? Of course not. This is not the best plan, but it’s the best I can come up with in this current heat wave. That’s right, I’m blaming the heat for my lack of creativity.

News & Notes

***Randy Orton is the latest WWE star to make his way on Twitter. Click here to see Orton's Twitter page. One person asked about the release of Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan). Orton responded: "I understand why it happened. But he def deserves to be there, I'm sure he'll b back. Very talented in my opinion."

As I have said before, Danielson will make his way back to the WWE by the end of the year or early next year. In the end, he will benefit from his release because he has gotten more positive reaction on the way he handled the released. He has shown that he can handle adversity and move on without burning any bridges. The WWE will do what is right in the end.

I did find it interesting that Orton says he understood why he was cut. It seems like wrestlers backstage knew not to choke out ring announcers with their tie? It’s still a strange situation that many cannot wrap their heads around.

***According to Jim Ross’ blog and Twitter page, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat was recently released from a Florida hospital and resting at a relative’s home. He’s expected to return to work at FCW (The WWE’s developmental facility) very soon.

Steamboat, 57, appeared on Raw on June 28th and was attacked by The Nexus. He was hospitalized on June 30th for bleeding on the brain due to a capillary burst.

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