Here are the quotes from Northport which didn't make it into the game story or sidebar from Friday's Class A semifinal.

Northport coach Carol Rose:

Thoughts on the game...

We have the utmost respect for Lakeland, their coaching staff and their entire team. We just came out ready. These kids want this really bad and they came out on fire.

What does it mean to get Erin Magnuson back for the final?

It’s so exciting because the whole thing has been ‘Free Mags.’ It’s awesome. She’s so happy and now we’re all together for the final game that we can possibly play for our 2011 campaign.

How nice is it to get a contribution from Vincenza Patrone in her first varsity game?

It’s huge. I’m just really happy for her. She was really nervous and I was like ‘You can’t do anything wrong. We’re not going to yell at you. Just be yourself. You’re a great athlete.’

What are the plans to celebrate the win?

We’re going to find a place to have my birthday dinner.

Senior midfielder Erin Magnuson:

 How does it feel to get a chance to play one last time?

It’s amazing. I can’t wait. I didn’t want Thursday (June 2) to be my last game. I can’t wait to be with all my teammates again and to win a state championship.

Was was the most memorable thing someone did or said this past week?

Everybody has been so supportive and just showing up and seeing '17' written all over them and hearing 'we're going to win for you' is so good. I knew we were going to get here because I knew they were going to do it for me.

Sophomore attack Cortney Fortunato:

What does it mean to get Erin back for the finals?

It is her senior year and we want her on the field for her last game, Win or lose we want her with us. It’s just really cool that we got her back. That’s what we’ve been working for. Not only for us, but to get her the opportunity to play in another game.

Michaela had another great performance today. What is it like for the team to have her performing the way she is right now?

Michaela played amazing today. She had some saves that should have been goals. When she’s on I think it boosts the rest of the team up. It could have been a totally different game if we didn’t have her in net today.

What did coach say about today being her birthday?

She did not want to go home crying on the bus on her birthday. We’re just happy we didn’t let her down on her birthday.

Senior attack Shannon Gilroy:

How does it feel to be going to the state finals?

It feels amazing. I’ve never been here before. It’s definitely a dream come true.

Cortney was close to breaking the school goals record, which you share, do you care about having that record?

No of course not. She played sick today. She deserved to break it and it doesn’t bother me at all.

Comment about Michaela's performance today:

Michaela’s been playing great. I know coach Rose played mind games with her but she stepped up to the max. We wouldn’t be where we are right now without her.

What does it mean to get Erin back tomorrow?

It means a lot. We all wore 17 on our faces and we know how bad she wanted to be out there and we played our best so she can get out there tomorrow.