As they go about their daily lives, getting their “cawfee” in the morning or walking a “dawg,” most Long Islanders are not conscious of their accents. But take the Long Islander out of “New Yawk” and heads turn when they start speaking.

That’s what most Long Island natives and longtime residents told us recently when we took our cameras to local fairs, festivals and malls to ask them about their accents. We had dozens of Nassau and Suffolk residents read flash cards with words that language experts say tend to reveal what’s become known as the typical Long Island way of speaking.

Now, we want to know: What does your Long Island accent sound like?

Record a video of yourself reading the following sentence: “Long Island people like to drink coffee, shop at the mall, walk their dogs and swim in the water.” Then send it to Make sure to include your full name, phone number and address.

Your clip could be included an upcoming video project we’re doing on Long Island accents.

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