Kate and Dee Smith, of Patchogue, hold each other's hands...

Kate and Dee Smith, of Patchogue, hold each other's hands during their wedding ceremony in Westbury. They are among the first same-sex couples to be legally married in New York. Credit: Jessica Rotkiewicz

Can't the Town of Brookhaven get its priorities straight? It was only weeks ago that town officials announced they would have to cut aid to some summer programs geared toward at-risk youth ["Budget bites youth programs," News, July 8]. Town officials claim that it was a reduction in state grant money that led to the cuts.

Yet a week later, Brookhaven Town Clerk Patricia Eddington announced she would open the town hall on a Sunday to accommodate same-sex couples seeking a marriage license ["They do!" News, July 25].

Apparently, the town does not have the money for certain programs that help at-risk kids, but they do have the money to pay overtime salaries for clerks to open on a Sunday. It was the day when gay marriages became legal in New York and, with all those media cameras hanging around, Eddington wanted to make sure that she was able to grab some of the headlines.

It's not like marriage licenses wouldn't have been available during normal business hours the next day. That's just sad. The next time Brookhaven cries that it's not getting enough money from the federal, state or county government, I hope they remember this irresponsible fiscal act.

Bruce W. Clark, Patchogue