Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, a Republican candidate for president,...

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, a Republican candidate for president, speaks during a campaign stop in Iowa (Aug. 2, 2011) Credit: AP

I'm amazed by how the mainstream media ignores the presence of Ron Paul in the coming election. Your Aug. 15 news story "A loud message," featured a picture of Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) as the winner of the Iowa straw poll "with 29 percent of about 17,000 votes, edging out Texas Congressman Ron Paul, with 28 percent." The rest of the story describes "a new threat from Texas Gov. Rick Perry," ignoring the fact that Bachmann won this poll by just 152 votes over Paul.

Your Aug. 16 news story " 'Wide-open race' for GOP Nod" says the race for the Republican nomination is "essentially becoming a three-way contest" between Mitt Romney, Bachmann and Perry, and that "the three Republicans with the strongest chance of winning the nomination fanned out across early primary states." Ron Paul is not mentioned once in this article.

How is it possible that a publication as respected as Newsday can give credence to a candidate like Bachmann, with a history of accomplishing next to nothing in the Congress, as well as making verbal gaffes, and ignore a man like Ron Paul, who has long served in Congress with grassroots support and for 10 years has been warning our nation about the very issues that are ruining our economy? America wants to know about Ron Paul, whether you like it or not!

Larry Bassen, East Meadow

Bus tour for a president?

Amid high unemployment, worldwide financial crises and a domestic economy on the brink of a double dip, I read that President Barack Obama is on a three-day bus tour. Is he on vacation? Shouldn't he be doing something more, uhhh . . . presidential?

Ronald Enners, West Babylon

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