The Dix Hills Water District boil-water warning has been lifted.

The Dix Hills Water District boil-water warning has been lifted. Credit: Howard Schnapp

Regarding "Into the drink" [Opinion, Dec. 4], in Nassau and Suffolk counties, we may live above our water supply but, as many of us know, we're not above being better stewards of this supply. That is why we must heed Assemb. Robert Sweeney's (D-Lindenhurst) wise advice and take swift but thoughtful action to reverse the decline in Long Island's water quality.

There's also a critical need to reduce our water consumption -- homeowners and businesses alike.

Among Sweeney's suggestions is the creation of a regional water protection plan backed by a cooperative effort involving local, state and federal government. This excellent idea warrants further discussion, one that Newsday can continue to cultivate and participate in.

As Sweeney notes in his op-ed, clean water needs to be a top priority for all of us. Long Island's "economic and environmental future depends on it."

Kyle Rabin, Woodmere

Editor's note: The writer is director of water and energy programs for GRACE Communications Foundation, an environmental advocacy organization.

Act now to sustain ecosystem

Assemb. Sweeney's op-ed is well-timed. He identifies the multiple threats to Long Island's water resources, threats that have been well researched and documented over many years, and correctly sounds the alarm for an all-hands-on-deck approach among business, government and the public.

We can and should strive to learn more about how our ecosystem works and responds to various stresses. It is becoming painfully clear, however, that we will lose the struggle to sustain an ecosystem that provides the basis for our own health and quality of life if we don't take what we already know and act on it -- now. We can't afford not to.

Jeffrey D. Fullmer, Farmingdale

Editor's note: The writer is the watershed and regulatory services coordinator for Fabco Industries, which makes treatment systems for industrial wastewater and stormwater.

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