Don't cut Able-Ride


On Monday, severe cuts will hit Able-Ride, the bus system that serves disabled residents in Nassau County . Many use the service to get to and from work or school.

State and local representatives need to unite and step up to the plate to make sure this outrage doesn't come to pass. They should see to it that bus service continues for these productive citizens.

Herbert W. Stark




School districts need a new rallying cry


"It's for the children" is the annual war cry from school districts for voters to approve their budgets. This year, perhaps it's time for educators to make a pre-emptive strike "Deep freeze," Opinion, April 4]. Teachers and administrators need to start thinking of the economic state of the families in their districts.

Several districts and teachers' unions are either exploring or have already decided to freeze wages for the 2010-2011 school budget year. This will save teachers' jobs as well as help hold the line on school tax increases. This year, every teacher and administrator on Long Island should take a voluntary wage freeze. They will be looked upon as local heroes. Perhaps this year's cry should be "For the children and their families."

Scott Saperstein




Obama a "winner"? Not to this writer


I find it amusing that a recent writer is frustrated with the Republicans' lack of focus on jobs and ends his letter by calling Obama a "winner" "Focus on jobs, not health care repeal," Letters, April 5]. It is Obama and the Democrats who pushed the nation's highest priorities - jobs, the economy, foreign affairs - to the side while they focused on a health care bill that the majority never wanted.

This "winner" the writer speaks of, in concert with a Democratic Congress, abused the Constitution with a "means justifies the ends" mentality for their victory. Maybe Obama feels like a winner, but I hardly think that's the kind of winner "Americans love."

The losers? The millions of unemployed who have been neglected for over a year by this administration, and the many more who will soon join them because of this bill.

Michael Quadrino




Boycott the parks to protest fee hikes


The only way for Long Island residents to fight the outrageous park fee increases is to stay away from the parks this summer . The state won't make a dime on us and maybe the do-nothing Albany politicians will get the idea that we just won't stand for the emptying of our pockets anymore. Long Islanders should join together and boycott the parks.

Allen Brown


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