Macy's in Herald Square was filled with hundreds of shoppers...

Macy's in Herald Square was filled with hundreds of shoppers on Black Friday, having opened up to the public for shopping at midnight on Thanksgiving. (Nov. 25, 2011) Credit: Nancy Borowick

Walmart opened at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving ["Sales line," News, Nov. 25]. I wonder how many of its executives are going to cut short their holiday evening plans and put in a little work, like the thousands of Walmart employees who had to cut short their holiday so that the retailer has a profitable holiday season.

This reminds me of what the people in lower Manhattan are protesting: corporate greed.

Chris Carman, Amityville

My 13-year-old daughter researched and then finally purchased a laptop online for pickup at the store. She used a prepaid credit card. She has a printout of the confirmed sale, and the money was charged to her card.

When she went to the store to pick it up, it wasn't until after she waited in line for 40 minutes that she was told that the store did not have this item and would not be getting any more. She was also told that she would get her money back, possibly before Christmas.

What is the world teaching my daughter? Tough on you; suck it up, kid.

Lisa Dils, Brookhaven

America, our schizophrenic country. I think that is a more politically correct description than, "America, country of whiners" or "America, land of a people who talk out of both sides of their mouths."

Black Friday is an example of the hypocrisy of our country. The "99 percent" protesters vilify the materialism of Wall Street, yet is it not materialism on a different scale for someone to camp out in a parking lot in the hopes of purchasing a discounted big-screen TV?

Young Americans continue to complain about student loan debt, lack of jobs and the cost of housing, yet the lines at the local Apple store were crowded with young Americans ready to spend.

Americans continue to contradict everything they say with everything they do.

John A. Cortopassi, Nesconset

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